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posted fri sep 19

Sep 19 All Pure Romance Product For Sale at wholesale prices (ne portland) pic

37 Sep 19 Re: Rich Bastards 37 (PDX) pic

Sep 19 Portland say NO to the TOE (portland) pic

Sep 19 re a life outside of Craigslist, and we are EMPLOYED! (You hurt inside. Life's painful 4U, eh? ) pic

Sep 19 What with robbery, rape, sex trafficking, domestic violence and murder (I am stoked the MC has priorities! LOL!) pic

Sep 19 Dick Cheney was right all along pic

Sep 19 RE:911 was a lie (bullshitters) pic

Sep 19 re: re: Re: Ha Ha Rich Bastards -

Sep 19 re: Looking for sugar daddy - 25

Sep 19 re: The Morning Christian. (Has Vanished.) (Reply to Al/ "Uncle Tommy")

Sep 19 WANTED/BEWARE: Package Thief Caught on Camera SEE PICTURES ATTACHED (SE PORTLAND) pic

posted thu sep 18

Sep 18 ISIS - random beheadings..... pic

Sep 18 Stupid cockroach libturds pic

Sep 18 Stupid Cock(R)oaches pic

Sep 18 "Uncle Tommy" sell crap

37 Sep 18 Re: Health Care and Praise OBOMO 37 (PDX) pic

Sep 18 re: Re: Ha Ha Rich Bastards

Sep 18 Dear Stupid Fuck Who Knoweth Nothing About Art or Music: You (sure troll HARD for AL's dick, faggot. LOL!) pic


37 Sep 18 Re: Health Care and Praise OBOMO 37 (PDX) pic

Sep 18 Can you recommend a QUIET apartment based on construction quality? (Portland Metro) pic

Sep 18 9/11 (Building VII - WAKE UP) pic

Sep 18 RE; been getting more health, dental

Sep 18 re- been getting more health, dental / vision care in the last 8 month


Sep 18 RE;RE;RE; SHEEPY (pdx airport)

37 Sep 18 Re: Ha Ha Rich Bastards 37 (PDX) pic

Sep 18 re AL LEARNED A NEW WORD! (praise allah!) (Says talentless, educationless, TVzombie) pic

Sep 18 HaHa rich bastards!

Sep 18 AL LEARNED A NEW WORD! (praise allah!)

Sep 18 I was very busy all day and did not get a chance to see all the posts (about the MC and AL. So, since I am here)

Sep 18 Re: Say No To Public Unions (In The Mind of a Paid Shill) pic

Sep 18 prince (of darkness) will i am... (end times...)

Sep 18 Re:What in the World are they spraying?? (NoPo) pic

Sep 18 No more war (Lk Oz)

Sep 18 Say, fat pussy bitch pic

Sep 18 RE: RE: Portland wake-up this is not ok.. - 61 (Kelso) pic

posted wed sep 17

Sep 17 re: Washington County Juvenvile Dept Staff

Sep 17 re: No residence, so how do you get a license?

Sep 17 RE:FUCK Republicunts.....toss em off the planet - pic

Sep 17 Killer Dogs pic

Sep 17 RE: getting a license (anywhere)

Sep 17 b.o. Stinks Of Treason (Reality)

Sep 17 RE: By Any Measure...b.o. a good president (CL)

Sep 17 re Re:THE DEVIL MADE THEM DO IT (Occult Power of Rothschild)

Sep 17 Fuckstick, I've been waiting for you (to realize the truth)

Sep 17 I've never felt like this before (did you drug me? )

Sep 17 re: You wish your band was as successful as Girls Generation! (Fucking idiot)

Sep 17 pot smoking conspiritard (a reply from the morning Christian)

Sep 17 Pedophile stalker K pop lover (can't admit I'm right)

Sep 17 re: Psycho Fake Christian (reply to the pot selling criminal)

Sep 17 To the psycho fake Christian (renter dipshit)

Sep 17 To the Woman I Have Yet to Meet (Somewhere in PDX)

Sep 17 re-Woman Cheats on her boyfriend (CL W4M)

Sep 17 Move to Africa

Sep 17 RE: Relationship Question

Sep 17 Home Cleaners (Vancouver/Portland)

Sep 17 Rockerfeller/Rothschild to Finish us off! (FU $ATAN!!!) pic

Sep 17 Family

Sep 17 Mr Brown's record? (here)

Sep 17 drugs on burnside (10634 E burnside) pic

Sep 17 re Middle-aged men who paint homoerotic shit on their fences... (Trolling for your AL love interest, Boy?)

Sep 17 Women Cheats on her boyfriend on first date, then runs him over and (kills him!)

posted tue sep 16

Sep 16 my rant for you

Sep 16 re The anti-Merkley campaign

Sep 16 RE RE The anti Merkley campaign

Sep 16 re When you consider that an attorney is demanding that his record NOT (be un-sealed, it makes you wonder )

Sep 16 FUUUUCK Republicunts.....toss em off the planet

Sep 16 republi-bagger??

Sep 16 Everybody likes B.O..They all hate WING NUTS

Sep 16 Imagine a world that never knew Ronald Reagan pic

Sep 16 10 reasons to vote democrat

Sep 16 Re: The anti-Merkley campaign (horseshit hypocrite)

Sep 16 The anti-Merkley campaign

Sep 16 re I don't know for sure, but my guess is he has a lengthy record. 

Sep 16 Lunch with MichelleO (Cafeteria)

Sep 16 Hottest Months in 2014 (Where?)

Sep 16 Nobody Likes b.o. (USA)

Sep 16 What the hell is a 'republi-bagger'? (liberalese)

Sep 16 Dems and Reps with Shovels (CL)

Sep 16 Im so sick of the MC/Al crap (Flagtime)

Sep 16 Greed, greed, and more greed!

Sep 16 RE: White People (In the USA)

Sep 16 What's wrong with raping, killing, and selling kids for money?

Sep 16 re Vet speaks up...

Sep 16 A little cash (se portland)

1 Sep 16 Vet speaks up... 1 (Stink Eye)

Sep 16 MC BOY DETECTIVE (MC's incapacity for abstract thought)

Sep 16 re Why are white people

Sep 16 re:RE: Relationship question

Sep 16 We, the Portland and Vancouver Police, are working over-time to find (this Uncle Tommy. We will get him! ) pic

Sep 16 RE: Relationship Question

Sep 16 re re 911: Dipshit, the vast majority of Americans claim to be religi (ous. It does not mean they are right. ) pic

Sep 16 re: His Name is Bruce. He calls himself "The Morning Christian". (Wrong.......)

Sep 16 RE: re: 9/11

Sep 16 re: 9/11

Sep 16 Building 7

Sep 16 re: As evidenced, when you STALK a WOMAN AND HER KID (Says the drug-dealing criminal -- Al/...) pic

23 Sep 16 Relationship question 23

posted mon sep 15

Sep 15 RE: RE: Republicans and Dems with (shovels)

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