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Oregon city murder please read (Oregon City,OR) [xundo]

Bernie Sanders [xundo]

If you ain't wantin Trump or Sanders,it is Hillary? (You look like a Hillary supporter) map [xundo]

Few local results found. Here are some from nearby areas.

Oregon News Cover-Up Logging Herbicide Murders of Residents (pdx > Pacific Northwest) [xundo]

Neighborhood watch equals government failure pic [xundo]

Politicians are liars pic [xundo]

Dissecting the Mad Max scenario pic [xundo]

Every traffic stop pic [xundo]

Violent thoughts vs. violent actions pic [xundo]

Huma map [xundo]

Muslims, spread the love pic [xundo]

Re: ... Chemical Spraying (Oregon Travel Warning) [xundo]

STOP moving to PDX-Esp.Californians (pdx > Entire State) [xundo]

A culture of Spamming by the ecokooks (pdx > My flagging finger is tired) map [xundo]

A Child Speaks Against Clearcutting (pdx > USA) [xundo]

Oregon Legislature 2015 [xundo]

Ending Speech! (pdx > Pacific Northwest) [xundo]

Elliott State Forest : The Last Rainforest (pdx > Oregon,USA) [xundo]

The Clearcut (pdx > oregon) [xundo]

Oregon Republican Party (pdx > Oregon) [xundo]

State of Oregon It's Time For New Forestry Laws (pdx > [xundo]

Oregon Democrat Party (pdx > Oregon) [xundo]

US Nightly News 2015 Petroleum Divestment (pdx > USA) [xundo]

Plastic Oceans (pdx > Oregon Lakes, Rivers and Coast) [xundo]

Record 94,031,000 Americans Not in Labor Force (pdx > Good Job Obama!! Your the best!!) pic [xundo]

Coming Soon To a Liberal City Near You........ (pdx > o wait its already here.) pic [xundo]

US News 2015 The Silent Spring (pdx > Day of The Bee) [xundo]

Northwest Forests at Risk from Timber Industry and Chemical Spraying (pdx > Oregon Travel Warning) [xundo]

USA News 2015 State of Oregon (pdx > Pacific Northwest) [xundo]

Lawsuit Filed to Protect Rural Oregon Families from Forestry Pesticide (pdx > Oregon) [xundo]

60 Minute Oregon Political Incompetence and Corruption (pdx > Pacific Northwest) [xundo]

USA News 2015 #SilentSpring (pdx > State of Oregon) [xundo]

Oregon Timber Industry A Culture of Corruption and Political Payoffs (pdx > Pacific Northwest) [xundo]

Oregon Logging Rules Don't Protect Fish and Water (pdx > Pacific Northwest Oregon Coast) [xundo]

Oregon News Cover-Up Logging Herbicide Murders of Residents (pdx > U.S.A.) [xundo]

#OregonLegislature Fails To Address Forest Spray Fixes (pdx > Oregon) [xundo]

#Boycott Oregon Wood,Lumber,Plywood,Paper and Packaging Products (pdx > USA) [xundo]

Oregon State 'Brand' Suffering f