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I'm still waiting for you in the beer aisle map

Cuddling and Massage is what I desire the most - m4w (Gresham) map

saw u eatin turkey leg outside the body shop - m4w (west side)

You sat on the bench next to me - m4w (linc downtown) map

we have victory - m4w (why you even bother?) map

Work crushes - m4w (138th and Marine dr) map

re: Woman in hiding map

E. B. In 18 - m4w (Se 52nd) map

Trader Joe's (Feb. 9) you: brown hair, white/black striped dress - m4w (Portland) map

Pink Hair at the Mall - m4w map

PSU Gym - m4m (Portland) map

we were on sunday flight from st louis to pdx - m4w map

We were a dragon together - m4w (Portland) map

Tavern and Pool on NW 23rd last Friday - m4w map

Black Range Rover on NW 53rd this morning - m4w (The fast lane) map

Young Guy at ChocolateFest - m4m (Oregon Convention Center) map

Pina colada song - w4m (Alibi)

28 10 Bus, Blue Top, Sensible Shoes - w4m 28 (Portland) map

Paging "SSS" - m4w (downtown) map

I waved at you in your car earlier today - m4w (Near Rose Garden) map

You were walking the wrong way down Rosa Parks - m4w (NoPo) map

28 Lily from House Showing on E Burnside - m4w 28 map

27 The Conquistador Feb 8th around 5 pm - m4w 27 (Portland) pic map

I will love you forever - m4w (Always my place)


I really liked you - w4m (A lot)

30 Playing pinball. - m4w 30 (Standard) map

To N from R - m4w

Sunday Arboretum Walk - m4m (Arboretum) map

Acct. Exec & "Doorman" - m4w (Cubicle Row) map

Pool in St. Johns. Superbowl Sunday - m4w (Slims)

Fred meyer checker - m4m (se) map

you work at dutch bros - m4m (convention center) map

please just get out of my mind - w4m

purple runner - m4w (south waterfront) map

boldering * - w4m (Portland)

Drue I miss you - m4w map

42 #20 westbound stroker - m4m 42 (#20 Burnside eastbound)

if you only knew... - m4w (Portland) map

Alone and hating it! - m4w (Headful of emotions)

alex from salt n straw nw - m4w (mississippi) map

205 an stafford - m4w (West linn) map

52 Woman at the recyling center on se 26th - m4w 52 (recycling center) map

Super Bowl - m4w (Scappoose) map

31 Ben! Screen Door! - w4m 31 (Screen Door) map

Foster & Dobbs - m4w (Alameda) map

Used to ride the 12 Barbur with you in the AM - m4w (Portland) map

Lloyd LA Fitness stud! Dark cap, tattoo, I could stop looking at you. - m4m (La fitness) map

Fuzzy Pink Shirt - m4w (Morrison Bridge) map

Leaving Church - m4w (Gresham) map

My hope for you

Contractor outside of coffee shop near McAdam Downtown Portland - m4w map

The "if you only knew" honesty file EDITED - w4m map

Girl in the green four runner - m4w (I84) map

Olive Juice Joe.. Always - w4m (Mesa) map

Christopher - t4m (Gresham) pic map

FORTUNATE1 from Match - w4m (PDX) map

Peter from Pants off Dance off - m4m (Crush) map

I took your picture at Portland Winter Light Festival - m4w (Portland Winter Light Festival) pic map

31 Am I imagining things - w4m 31 (The show) map

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