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Re: what fools these mortals be (State of Denial) [xundo]

re:We do not want labels that contain misinformation, just labels that (tell the truth:this product contains GMO) [xundo]

Crazy Jerry is the Satanist [xundo]

wuddabout GREASY PEEN? (where'd that fugger go?) pic [xundo]

--->Gerald Ford having the sense to pardon all Vietnam draft dodgers. (fuggin demoRAT) [xundo]

DUM pee pole by gar badge bags! pic [xundo]

re: Yes, we should be allowed the choice, regardless of how much BAD (informations is out there.) [xundo]

re-between the Busch 12 packs and the Natty Ice 12 (well shiot!) pic [xundo]

Everyone finally gets it pic [xundo]

re-REGARDING THE CHANGE IN MY LIVING WILL (To Be Determined) pic [xundo]

Racism. [xundo]

re-I f-cked the 7/11 clerk. [xundo]

more you can't fix stupid (Stupidland) [xundo]

Did Bush lie about Iraq? (What others said about Iraq!) (Dub) pic [xundo]

l 28 re: Yes, all GMOS should be labeled so that the consumer can make [xundo]

I just dont get it! (confusion) [xundo]

what fools these mortals be pic [xundo]

re: Yes, all GMOS should be labeled so that the consumer can make an (an informed choice....) [xundo]

rE--8" thick cut seeks nsa bj and more... pic [xundo]

Some lib got his butthurt. (Too bad, too sad, don't care) [xundo]

re what really should be done? [xundo]

re: re: What really should be done [xundo]

Hey Fat Boi pic [xundo]

RE: it seems that he (United States) [xundo]

As a highly trained firearms EXPERT pic [xundo]


Ocuppy Wall Street is making a HOOGE CUMback pic [xundo]

So-bonehead AL admits he spent the whole weekend being Donald Trump [xundo]

re- CREATIVE (AWESOMER!) pic [xundo]


RE Gym in SE PDX pic [xundo]

re-I banged the Satanist - (Everyone has!!!) pic [xundo]

I banged the Satanist pic [xundo]

OMG --->>>Creative People - Rewind (not in this case) (Arrow peaNUT dood) [xundo]

re- You IDIOT! By using MY name, randomly, some nutjob @ CL RAPED Me (arrow peaNUT dood) [xundo]

Quit bashing 0bama's accomplishments [xundo]

re-Obama and his gang are getting scared (Ward 52) [xundo]

RE - Ivory for sale on CL, etc. (Portland) [