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wtf is your trip ? why the hard on for tommy, al .... (north pole)

Animal Control, will be... (Vancouver)

RE: Poor tommy pic

Post away junior, (No one gives a shit.)

re: Al's house on Fairmount Ave. (Notice the "Al"-isms in Uncle Tommy's posts?)

34 for Viv: a thirtysomething gurl's lament 34 (the bridge city)

The Seaturd is back spamming. (35 years, 10 things) pic

33 Help me embrace myself, I need a man. Feminism Sucks. 33 (Portland)

re Huckleberry Inn

Poor tommy

Huckleberry Inn at Goverment Camp sucks!

100 Things You Can Say To Irritate A Wing Nut

30 Years of Conservative Stupidity and EPIC failure

18 things that keep me warm ???

Butt Hurt Conservabitch

Imagine a world that never knew Bonzo pic

Al's house on Fairmount Ave. (WOW !!! what an imagination) pic

28 Why do people use meth Its horrible! 28 (Portland)

Re: what smoking large amounts of marijuana does to the brain

22 Love For Love! Happy Holidays 22

What's the matter, MC? Did you finally get it? (Nobody gives a shit.) pic

41 Seize the Bagel | rave!!! 41 (Vancouver)

re: Sometimes coincidences exist, my little conspiratard! (Al admits he's as stupid as Uncle Tommy) pic

thankful for c.l babes

movie pic

50 warning signs!!!!!!!!!!! 50 (portland)

RE: Starting now pic

I won't get an apology from the MC so I will just laugh at his hatin' (it Xmas, AGAIN. 3rd one now! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) pic

Don't try to knock sense into the MC about his love affair with Kpop & (Israel - like he has Jew friends, right!) pic

north Koreans (usa)

Hey Nazi Jewish Zionist Zealot Israeli Faschist Spami boi (Nuke Israel Now - YA!)

Starting now,,,,, (Hell with smokin weed....)

38 POLICE ACCOUNTABILITY!! All comments welcome! 38 (Clark County PD) pic

Is the "MC" a pussy-boy, or a pussy-boi? (What do you think?) pic

A handful of years together... (cheaterville)

RE: Uncle Tommy (In Vancouver, Just off Grand Blvd) pic

40 Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? 40 pic

70 I have a question?????????????????????????? 70 pic

re: Rockerfeller/Rothchild to finish.....etc

I'm sorry... - 24 --- Suggestion (Lake Grove) pic

Uncle Tommy

What has happened to Rants and Raves (Lake Grove) pic

Rockerfeller/Rothschild to Finish us off! (We Do Nothing!) pic

Paralysis a disability? Absurd!

44 Obesity 'could be a disability' - EU courts rule 44 (Europe, and soon here)

88 Mask And Glove 88 (high) pic

Yep. 3014 Fairmount Ave (In Vancouver) pic

You live in Section 8 Housing which is why you bag on homes, Kiddo. (I mean, come on....get a life. Fuck....)

Can I buy real Cuban Havana Cigars now?? pic

Well, at LEAST the dipshit confirmed it was not X or Y or D Street (Now he can rest knowing he was WRONG!)

It's a fact. I do have friends that could use a little help. pic

The Fairmount Address is the EXACT same one the old black man killed 4 (in Summer of '78!)

24 I'm sorry... 24

The address is one and the same.

Seems the MC has run out of excuses. (Now go kick Uncle Tommy's ass) pic

The address is one and the same. pic

The same way it's been done since 1776. On the street. (Uncle Tommy is) pic

re: The kids need help. (Beaverton) (Fraud Alert!!!!!!)


Uncle Tommy is open 24/7. (Just off I-5 & SR500) pic

Pretty sure the guy would not pass himself off as pot buyer very well. pic

What do you get when you cross a R&R Christian with a Jew? (BEST JOKE ON INTERNET NOW)

The address "Uncle Tommy" posted...... (Liar and fraud)

MC, I realize that a $20 pre paid phone is out of your reach. Give me (your home address to mail to you. Thanks) pic

MC: Buy a pre-paid phone. You or a friend texts for weed. (Then you can shake U.T.s hand! WOW! YAY!) pic

Just sayin'..... (Beaverton)

morning christian is playing the NARC again. pic

reX2: WRONG !!! (Vancouver) pic

re: WRONG !!!! (Uncle Tommy is ) pic

35 ASIG PDX 35 (airport)

WRONG !!!! (Uncle Tommy is ) pic

3 Jews go to a bar and sit down next to a Christian.... (BEST JOKE ON INTERNET) pic

hey there in this out-of-conned-trolls berg (U bet Cha) pic

Help (1717 SE Orient Drive #115 Gresham, OR)

Christmas help wanted

LOVIN IT GREEN (Powell Butte) pic

rerere Bob Ross

The Household (Hell and these are our Hell-mates)

Re: re: bob ross pic

47 bbw 47 (downtown)

re Reply to email from Lisa Mxxxx Yxxxx-sxx...

I see our resident Neo-Nazi follower feels the need to bash Jews on (the beginning of Hanukkah) pic

An old man

Struggle with anxiety?

flagging logic

Reply to email from Lisa Mxxxx Yxxxx-sxx re: Araya Hope was born (Sunday night)

re Bob Ross

HSV Support Group (Portland)

47 jeffrey Phillips 47 (portland)

RE Imagine a world that never knew Bonzo

How not to get conned by people like John Grishkin (Portland)

Instant govt. greed (Or.) pic

47 i miss 47 (portland)

re History is a bitch when you do not bother to learn anything from it

usps the dalles 97058


Well, that was a load of total baloney re The REAL Money Power... (gu (Nutsville)

Defending Israel is like defending some trouble-making douche kid (from people he terrorizes..)

If the Holocaust was 100% real, why did so many people outright LIE? (Zyklon B was used for delousing, ONLY.)

re Every single piece of evidence, including eye witness testimony... (When Jews lie about their past....LOOKY!) pic

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