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S. Phoenix - m4w (Hillsboro/Beaverton) [xundo]

Longshot - Personal Trainer at Boom Fitness - m4m (Tigard) [xundo]

LA Fitness on Imbrie - m4m (Beaverton) map [xundo]

At goodwill today.... - m4w (Portland) [xundo]

We're both 28 - m4w (A cafe on the hill) [xundo]

30 The one - m4w 30 (Bethany) [xundo]

Glyph Sarah at Elmer's on 158th - m4w (Beaverton) pic [xundo]

28 Gray Honda on 185th around 1 PM on 8/27 - m4w 28 (185th in Beaverton) [xundo]

25 Jennifer "peace" tattoo in the shape of a pistol. - m4w 25 (Beaverton and Portland) [xundo]

Teacher at Home Depot - m4w [xundo]

To my ex wife - Vancouver to Hillsboro - m4w (Vancouver) [xundo]

Wednesday at Peep Aloha around 1230 we swapped blowjobs (Aloha Hillsboro) pic [xundo]

MMF 23 years ago - w4mm (Beaverton) [xundo]

To the Histrionic Mistress [xundo]

You are bi?? - m4m (Hillsboro) map [xundo]

A while back. - m4w (Pinball Machine) map [xundo]

Mandarin Palace around 7 - m4w (Beaverton) map [xundo]

Lunch at Fred Meyer Sunday - m4w (Hillsboro) [xundo]

You and son, me and son, playground time - m4w (Westlake Park) [xundo]

Why? - ww4mm (sureOfmyself) [xundo]

I finally get it. - w4m (PDX) [xundo]

Re: Morning coffee on your way to work - m4w (SW) - w4m [xundo]

31 H.T.W looking for you - w4m 31 (s.e. portland) [xundo]

Re: We cant be friends - m4w (Lost and hurting) [xundo]

Nicole - m4w (Hillsboro) [xundo]

Re:Moving on - m4w (Everywhere) [xundo]

From Hillsboro to Vancouver - w4m [xundo]

27 Co.Mo. - w4m 27 (Relying on the kindness of others) map [xundo]

lunch at sunset - m4w (sunset lanes) [xundo]

Dakota-produce-Tualatin Fred Meyer - w4m (Tualatin) map [xundo]

25 AMAZING BBW MILF at Beaverton Fred Meyer - m4w 25 (Beaverton Hillsdale Highway and Jamieson) [xundo]

RE:Re: DK blah blah yadda yadda - w4w (GotUworkedUp) - w4ww [xundo]

32 J T and ST (in the crack) - m4w 32 (Outside looking in!) [xundo]

Re: DK blah blah yadda yadda - w4w (GotUworkedUp) [xundo]

RE:RE: DK a reply to My Married Stud - w4ww - w4ww (The Truth) [xundo]

46 You're my anomaly - m4w 46 [xundo]

I miss you sweety. - w4m (Beaverton) map [xundo]

57 Stacy -lets do it again - m4w 57 (Sherwood area) [xundo]

Tattooed massage therapist - m4w (Beaverton) [xundo]

RE: DK a reply to My Married Stud - w4ww (In your head) [xundo]

20 57 bus, your two boys, my amythst necklace - w4m 20 (Hillsboro) [xundo]

It's true, I did like you [xundo]

You hit on me online constantly [xundo]

I miss you James [xundo]

28 Girl working at the Marriott with Black Hair and Leg Tattoos - m4w 28 (Portland) map [xundo]

Bethany public house - m4m map [xundo]

Came to buy something [xundo]

Garden Home Hotty - m4m (Moonshadow) [xundo]

VillaSport - m4m (Beaverton.) [xundo]

My Married Stud - w4m (Work) [xundo]

re: M from J - m4w [xundo]

34 Mountain(dale) Man - m4m 34 (Hillsboro) [xundo]

34 b-dub - m4m 34 [xundo]

Asain lady at Velvet Rope Friday - m4w [xundo]

39 Server at WG - mw4w 39 (Beaverton) [xundo]

looking for Jennifer young - m4w (Hillsboro) [xundo]

40 Sexy grey lady at red robin - m4w 40 (Beaverton) [xundo]

still singing - m4w [xundo]

Out of this World Pizza - w4m (hillsboro) [xundo]

45 Black curly hair red and white top - m4t 45 (Fred Meyer) [xundo]

Pink shorts, tattoos at 7/11 - m4w (Scholls) map [xundo]

37 talked last night - w4m 37 [xundo]

You- black top with black shorts - m4w (Cornelius Fred Meyer) [xundo]

Sunday early morning JO Mr Peeps - m4m (Beaverton) [xundo]

met you yesterday (sat) steve - m4m [xundo]

Southwest Flight 264 from Sacramento on May 27th - m4w (Window seat) map [xundo]

Missed you - m4w [xundo]

swallow you - m4m (beaverton) [xundo]

McDonalds in Aloha - m4w (Aloha) [xundo]

Civic driver - w4m [xundo]

Your Car, My Lunacy [xundo]

Comunication miscommunication. - m4w [xundo]

The Smiths [xundo]

40 Miss u Natalie .. - m4w 40 [xundo]

how I truly miss the 16 year old i fell in love with - m4w (United States) map [xundo]

well u finally are wronge - m4w (United States) map [xundo]

27 Straight up. - m4w 27 [xundo]

RE:RE: ASKing Isn't Easy [xundo]

Re: ASKing isn't easy - m4w (PDX) [xundo]

Down with the Flu. - m4w [xundo]

23 Starbucks, Beaverton Town Square (Friday Evening) - m4w 23 (Beaverton Town Square Starbucks) [xundo]

doc - w4m [xundo]

Hand In Glove [xundo]

To the super hot guy at Chipotle - w4m (Beaverton) [xundo]

22 Loves illusion - w4m 22 (Beaverton) [xundo]

Lost Call. - m4w [xundo]

27 lori - m4w 27 (Hillsboro) [xundo]

To the late night fuck - round two? - m4m (Mr peeps) [xundo]

Ask - m4w (PDX) [xundo]

Carlos at JIB Cedar Hills - m4m (beaverton) [xundo]

Eyes met briefly at Costco Beaverton... - m4w [xundo]

Mike - w4m (Beaverton/portland) [xundo]

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42 apple store tech girl - m4w 42 (pdx > portland) pic [xundo]

40 Whitney Brewer - m4w 40 (pdx > PDX) pic [xundo]

QFC Parking Lot - Friday morning - m4m (pdx > SE Vancouver) map [xundo]

Gorgeous Redhead in St Johns - m4w (pdx > St JOhns) [xundo]

Taboo glory hole Thursday at 4pm - m4m (pdx > SE MLK) [xundo]

37 You're blonde with pigtails & tattoos, at the credit union on Sandy - m4w 37 (pdx > Sandy Blvd & 20th) [xundo]

JT? Steve han - w4m (yak > Yakima) [xundo]

peace and harmony - m4w (eug > springfield) pic [xundo]

29 I'm new at this - w4m 29 [xundo]

re Blocked calls - m4w [xundo]

Secondhand Souls - w4m [xundo]

This is a long shot. 8th floor nurse at RB sitting for #23 - w4m [xundo]

Girl in black in black bug... - m4w (pdx > Hawthorne) [xundo]

82nd ave Walmart 8/25 8pm hot chick on phone, tight jeans, blonde hair - m4w (pdx > Walmart on 82nd ave close to Johnson cre) map [xundo]

Passing glances/boring meeting - w4m (eug > Springfield) [xundo]

Mary's - m4w (pdx > downtown) [xundo]

The World Has Turned - w4m (pdx > a shop) pic [xundo]

Punk chick, directions near Safeway - m4w (pdx > Weidler) map [xundo]

Were you at the Christopher Moore signing tonight (8/27)? - m4w (pdx > Beaverton) map [xundo]

re: Billy pic [xundo]

31 I'm sorry - m4w 31 (sle > gresham oregon) [xundo]

Gwegory [xundo]

38 West Side Station 8-12-15 - m4w 38 (sle > United States) [xundo]

43 Bigperm - m4w 43 (pdx > Pix) [xundo]

See you all the time - w4m [xundo]

You Oughta Know - w4m [xundo]

Asain muscle at 24hr Hollywood - m4m (pdx > Portland) pic [xundo]

Re Billy Joel [xundo]

The good and bad pic [xundo]

lingerie shop - m4m (sle > salem) map [xundo]

Blue Mini Cooper with No License Plate - m4w (pdx > SE) [xundo]

Re; blocked calls - m4w [xundo]

Lost cowboy - w4m (yak > Ellensburg) [xundo]

33 To infinity and beyond.... - m4w 33 [xundo]

Home Depot today - m4w [xundo]

99 Have you seen this runaway girl? - mw4w 99 (pdx > Portland) pic [xundo]

Why do you Search for Someone Else? - w4m [xundo]

the one i long to eat - m4w (eug > eugene) [xundo]

Crazy day on the lake. - m4w [xundo]

brunette works at starbucks - m4w (yak > Starbucks 72nd ave) [xundo]

Haggens around 8pm - m4w (bnd > Bend) [xundo]

19 committed but selectively flexible (K...) - w4m 19 [xundo]

sexy job interviewer - m4w (pdx > ne) [xundo]

re blocked calls - w4m (eug > eugenie) [xundo]

54 Time has come to the end - w4m 54 (eug > Jc) pic [xundo]

26 Me - m4w 26 pic [xundo]

Looking for caligirly__ - Can't Contact You - m4w [xundo]

Without question - w4m [xundo]

38 Tattoo Dad at skate park on Powell Wednesday - w4m 38 (pdx > Powell) map [xundo]

Longish hair guy on northbound 4 bus - m4m [xundo]

Red Car - w4m (bnd > Redomond) [xundo]

27 Bare Bones smoke shop - m4w 27 (bnd > Redmond) [xundo]

You called me yesterday - m4w [xundo]

Re: Kitty! - m4w (yak > Yakima) pic [xundo]

Jason - w4m (eug > Coburg rd) [xundo]

40 Steve .......... - w4m 40 (eug > 97478) [xundo]

21 why is it hard to find a girl - m4mw 21 pic map [xundo]

Purple Salomon shoe shopper - m4w (bnd > Bend) [xundo]

Short latina from Beaverton - m4w [xundo]

bartender.... westside on the 27th - m4w (sle > salem) map [xundo]

Ease up! (pdx > Everywhere) [xundo]

31 Cutie in Walmart girls shoe aisle - m4w 31 (yak > Yak) map [xundo]

Man, you had been my cat adoring pal - w4m (pdx > St. Johns) pic [xundo]

Trinity - m4w (bnd > Bend) [xundo]

25 Library - m4w 25 [xundo]

Safeway on Sandy- you liked my car - w4m (pdx > NE Portland) [xundo]

35 Sprint store employee - m4m 35 (pdx > 181st & Halsey) [xundo]

28 Johnson Air will call office on 8/27 - m4w 28 (pdx > JAP in Portland) [xundo]

Richelle? Excuse my spelling if it's wrong - m4w (pdx > Division) [xundo]

TO ALL MEN - w4m [xundo]

Just a random thought - w4m (sle > Salem) map [xundo]

Breakfast this morning - m4w (eug > McDonalds) [xundo]

Nike's as the plasma center - w4m (pdx > CSL Plasma) [xundo]

29 blue tanktop - m4m 29 (pdx > Hollywood tc) [xundo]

;) - m4w (eug > Eugene) [xundo]

SM interviewed me today - m4w (eug > Eugene) [xundo]

35 Where are you?? - w4mw 35 [xundo]

Radiant Smile in a little black dress and leather boots - m4w (eug > Eugene Bus station, #12 bus) map [xundo]

Guy with new cat looking for ice cream girl! - m4w [xundo]

RE: Flashing forehead - w4m [xundo]

30 I hate you. I love you. I need to leave you. - w4m 30 [xundo]

D.A.Z - m4w (eug > springtuckey) [xundo]

Unintentionally infectious. - m4w [xundo]

impossibility welcomed - m4w pic [xundo]

beautiful tattoo'd woman - m4w (pdx > Hayden Island) [xundo]

Seeking Downey twins - w4m map [xundo]

30 Mark from Salem - w4m 30 (sle > Silver Dollar Bar (PDX)) [xundo]

25 Where did you go readhead from cabelas? - m4w 25 (eug > springfield) [xundo]

Now i need be rid of thee - m4w [xundo]

23 Stretching routine in Dry Canyon? - m4m 23 (bnd > Redmond) [xundo]

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