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I'm clearing off my shelves, getting rid of a bunch of my games that I don't play, didn't enjoy, or otherwise.

I've personally done a part count on almost all of these games (some things, like old Avalon Hill stuff it can be impossible to get an accurate list of what's supposed to be there), because I do get most of my games used that is always a consideration. I will do my best to notate what might be missing on each game if there are any.

So, without further ado, here's the list.

World of Warcraft: The Board Game SOLD

A Line In The Sand $15 ~ Great condition. I'm not sure this copy has ever actually been played, I picked it up years ago when I was a little less discriminating and careful about getting games that anyone else wanted to play.

The Hunt For Red October $15 ~ Kind of the same story as above, not in AS good a shape, previous owners might have actualy played this copy.

Axis and Allies GameMaster Series SOLD

Domination $10 ~ Absolutely fantastic game. Designed by Sid Sackson, a real classic. No manual, but the rules are very easy to get online, or from a copy of A Gamut Of Games by Sid Sackson. Also, the stickers have lost all of their glue, and have fallen off of the board, but they just say "Domination" along the sides of the board, nothing game changing. I'm only selling this copy because I managed to score a copy in like new condition.

BattleBall $25 ~ Again, this is a duplicate. This copy is completely unplayed and still has all of the pieces in their plastic display holder. I was going to start a BattleBall tournament, but couldn't get anyone else interested, so I don;t need this second copy. Also, if you buy this, I highly recommend downloading the advanced rules off of BoardGameGeek, they add a LOT to the gameplay.

Diplomacy Avalon Hill Big Box Version $25 ~ Overall in good shape, a few of the cannon pieces have the barrels bent, and a couple have the barrels broken off near the base. Depending on how a game goes, you may never have to grab out any of the broken ones.

Stop Thief! $40 ~ This game is in amazingly good shape. The "Radio" looks like the box was just opened up for the first time. I've added a few extra pictures of this one, because it's pretty remarkable.

Clue The Great Museum Caper $30 ~ Everything complete and in good shape. Basically Scotland Yard in a museum. Fun game.

Clue Master Detective $40 ~ Great condition. It's just Clue, but with ridiculously high production values for all the components.

Heart Throb $20 ~ If you used to listen to Flip The Table, you know exactly why this one is here. Again, it's complete, except for a manual. Don't worry, you're not missing much there. Look up the rules, grab some buddies, and have a blast. Again, wouldn't be selling it, but I got a better condition copy.

Murder She Wrote $30 ~ 100% Complete. Kind of a cult classic.

Colonial Diplomacy $80 ~ Open box, sealed pieces. Have you ever played Diplomacy and wished that it took place in South East Asia, with more colonialism? This is your chance!

Buffy The Vampire Slayer The Board Game $20 ~ 100% complete. Another cult classic. Some people love it, some people don't. I guess I fall into the latter camp.

Magic Arena of the Planeswalkers $10 ~ Heroscape with Magic characters? Why not?

HeroScape Marvel Base Set SOLD

Axis and Allies 1941 SOLD

Meridian $15 ~ Strange little Euro game. Played once.

BioShock Infinite $30 ~ Great condition.

Dead of Winter SOLD

Arkham Horror $25 ~ Box is in really bad shape. One flap from the top is missing, and it's been taped onto the bottom so it hinges off. But, the pieces are in pretty good shape.

A Game Of Thrones The Board Game $30 ~ Great shape, only been played a few times.

Flamme Rouge SOLD

Star Wars The Card Game $40 ~ Core set, plus a whole bunch of extra cards, already in some pretty danged good decks.

Wings of War Dawn of War $10 ~ Great condition, missing a couple markers, but absolutely playable. Especially if you're adding it to some other compatible Wings of War sets.

Ticket to Ride The Card Game $40 ~ Complete, a pretty neat rethinking of Ticket to Ride, much more transportable. This is a complete game, not an addition or expansion to Ticket to Ride. Also, currently out of print it would seem.

Cards Against Humanity $15 ~ I'm not sure I've actually played this copy at all. I've played other people's copies many times though.

Sushi Go $5 ~ Totally complete, great little game to throw in a bag.

Once Upon a Time $10 ~ Got this one new, but only played it one time.

Carcassonne Hunters and Gatherers $50 ~ Great condition, cool Carcassonne variant, not an expansion. First Edition.

RuneQuest $20 ~ Alright, the box on this one is pretty hammered, but it's a great way to add a fantastic RPG to your Avalon Hill BookShelf collection.

Settlers of Catan 4th Edition SOLD

Tsuro: The Game of The Path SOLD

The Little Prince Rising to the Stars $15 ~ Good condition, kind of like Tokaido Lite. Great game to play with kids!

Romance of the Nine Empires $25 ~ Great condition, some of the card packs are still sealed inside.

Risk Godstorm $20 ~ This and Risk 2210 are the games I have owned longer than any others. I bought them both new in about 2006, and both have probably been played about a dozen times. Still 100% complete, with lots of play left in them.

Risk 2210 $15 ~ See above.

Dead Men Tell No Tales SOLD

Pandemic $20 ~ Great condition, again bought it new and played a few times. I probably wouldn't be selling this one, but I got a copy of Pandemic Legacy for Christmas, so I don't THINK I have a reason to keep this around. Hope I'm not wrong about that one.

Torres $15 ~ Missing the Orange "Scoring Marker" Literally just a wee orange wooden cylinder. When something is needed, I always subbed in a coin or the like.

Bullwinkle and Rocky the Role Playing Game $10 ~ It's missing ONE card. There's a huge number in there, and they're all just things for the characters to react to.

Tongiaki $15 ~ Pretty unique game, but really needs four or five to play properly.

Atlanteon $10 ~ Missing one piece, but it's an Abstract Strategy, so I always subbed in something else without issue.

Saga $10 ~ Actually, never got around to playing this one. It's in good condition and complete though.

Blokus Trigon $20 ~ Complete, and in good shape. No broken pieces, which is way too common with all the Blokus games.

Blokus $10 ~ Same, complete, and in good shape. No broken pieces.

BattleDome $40 ~ Alright, this one is pretty rough. It's missing one of the spinners that you put inside, most fo the balls, and the manual. But, the feeder works, and the main base and net are in good shape. I've never played this the proper way, but can assure you it is a good amount of fun if you just grab some drinks with friends pinball away.

Mystery Of The Abbey SOLD

I will try to delete these from the listing as they sell, but email me to make sure.

I will consider a slight discount if you're buying multiple items, but generally speaking, these prices are firm.

I will consider interesting board game trades, maybe a Telecaster style guitar, video game stuff, maybe some other things if I'm intrigued by what you offer.
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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