3 White Apple Ipad Airs in Great Condition (Longview)

3 White Apple Ipad Airs in Great Condition 1 thumbnail3 White Apple Ipad Airs in Great Condition 2 thumbnail3 White Apple Ipad Airs in Great Condition 3 thumbnail3 White Apple Ipad Airs in Great Condition 4 thumbnail
I have 3 White Ipad Airs in Great Condition. I believe they are all Apple Ipad Air 2's. Come with chargers.

I am looking to sell or open to trades or trades and cash.

Located in Longview wa

I am open to trades, but some things I am interested in are:
other types of meats beef, ground, or carne asada, chicken, whole chicken or chicken breast or legs, shrimp, crab, cleaned or whole fish, salmon, steel head, halibut, maybe sturgeon, or let me know what you have
quail and chicken feed
things that go p e w p e w
a m m o
fishing kayak or other types of kayaks
motorcycles (really cool to find one with a side car)
dirt bikes or quads
15 passenger van
trailers of pretty much any kind
trucks (i would really like a 4 door long bed)
modded nintendo switch
3d printer
Sigma Metalytics PMV Pro SM2601 With All 3 Wands And External Bridge (precious metal detector)
precious metals (silver, gold, copper)
certain jewelry, rings, necklaces, etc. (must be gold or silver)
certain precious stones (rubies, diamonds, sapphires, etc)
Murphy bed
bird bath
concrete fountain
Concrete garden planters
Outdoor Bar height swivel chairs and table
vacation rentals (airbnb or personal getaway)
wood chipper
log splitter
handyman work for different projects (at the moment fixing or replacing central vacuum, kitchen faucet replacement, carpet cleaning, and possibly some others)
landscaping work of different projects (trimming, hedging, mowing, planting, weeding, etc)
fresh or frozen berries
fresh or frozen vegetables
Musical instruments (electric guitars, cello, trumpets, saxophones etc)
Diapers open to different sizes, but mainly size 4 and up.
Natural unscented wipes
Plants like David Auston Roses
Baby’s breath spirea
Eucalyptus plants
Daphne bush
Japanese Kerria Plant
Lemon cypress
natural salves for dry and crack hands and feet, athletes feet etc.
natural liquid laundry soap, dish soap, or hand soap of natural oils etc.
whats a gift or talent that you have that you create or make that you can trade, what are items in your garage that you no longer need? send me a list of what you have and we can go from there. small or large trades are all welcome. If we can't find a trade option, cash always works.
five zero three 317 1508

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