Cabinets for Quilter Amps - $175

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condition: like new
make / manufacturer: Quilter
model name / number: various
I am a big fan of Quilter gear. I think Pat Quilter has built upon his reputation as a sound genius for years. Solid state gear was once considered inferior, but things have changed. With low weight, high power and extreme durability, the great tone has long been a viable option.
A downside, for me, is that I want to try everything. And so I end up with too many different products and they start to stack up.
In addition to the electronics, they make some great matching speaker cabinets. The downside, for me, is that the cabs are expensive. So, having a decent wood shop, I just build my own. And it is more efficient to build more than one at a time, so.....Now I have too many.

These cabinets are designed to have the maximum output and tone from the smallest size, suitable for holding one of the many different Quilter mini-heads. I am not selling any additional mini-heads at this time.

"Frontliner cab" $345 Short form of longer story.....Q made these to allow a stage performance at volume in a carry on package that houses a Quilter mini-head. "These 2 8" 100 watt kevlar coned speakers will stand up to a full stack!" I will not go quite that far, but it is damn impressive. Their price of $699 was just too far out there for me. So I reverse engineered and used the same Celestion speakers. Built to exact dimensions as the original. Done up in my own "antique" finish. Not as "pro" finished as the original, but....I built two, so......SOLD

Shop built 1 x 8. $175-225 Sounds silly, no? After building the 2 x 8, I wanted to see how small a portable package I could make. Built in space for mini-head. 100 watt speaker with Kevlar cone. Without all the gory details, I used one of these on stage standing next to an Orange half stack and multiple various vintage amps. It was a small venue, but it was AT LEAST as good as any amp there...Yes, I did use my trusty Ethos......Folks at the bar could barely see it, but they sure heard it. Guy with the Orange (and a pedalboard the size of Rhode Island) just shook his head and said. "WTF IS that thing?" I also built two of these. BTW, that wood is Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry) a tropical hardwood that is heavy and beautiful. I also have one that is made with pine. MUCH lighter and easier to tote, for $175.

The cabinets match up so well with the mini heads that they are worth at least giving a listen to so as to see/hear for yourself.
In addition, I have a couple other cabinets that are shop built and can be sued for Quilter or other amps.

Also pictured is a "mini stack", with two different and unique 1 x 12 cabinets, as well as a headshell for the newer Quilter Mach 3 amp. These are built with pine (for tone and light weight) with cherry hardwood edges for strength. They are not for sale at this time, but illustrate what can be done.

Combo amp cab $175 Converted with a removable "shelf" so it can be tilted back with a mini head (Quilter type) on top. Has a Mojotone British style speaker installed.

Custom cabinet with pull out/detachable shelf for pedalboard. Carry it all in in one combination. Can be loaded with your speaker of choice....I may have a few extras around. Custom built by me with pine (for tone) and hardwood edges for strength. You will likely not find another like it.

Please provide a phone number if you would like a call back.

I am downsizing and not looking for trades at this time.

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