Female german shepherd (Camas)

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I have a almost three year old German shepherd looking for the perfect home. I bought her from a good quality breeder in Ridgefield who has working bred german shepherds. Didn't pay for papers but parents were OFA approved. She has been raised around horses, cows, poultry and cats. She isn't good with chickens unless supervised. She is good with other dogs if slowly introduced but has an issue with female dogs. Great with cats, kids and people. Not aggressive with strangers at the door but a great guard dog when anything new comes on property. The reason for rehoming, my ex unfortunately left her when he moved out. Said he was coming back for her and hasn't. It's been nine months, I am her only home before the breeder. He didn't work with her much, she knows to sit and drop the ball. She loves chasing ball and playing in water. Unfortunately I love her alot but I am getting a new job and I don't have the time for her. I was really planning on the ex coming back to get her because I have 3 of my own dogs, two of which are older. She has social anxiety and needs to be with someone, so the humane society isn't an option. She would hate that kind of chaotic transition. She is house trained and kennel trained. Never chewed anything in my home even as a puppy. She isn't fixed but up to date on shots. She isn't a big cuddle bug but will follow you everywhere and very food driven. No allergies, healthy, beautiful sleek coat. Not a fluffy german shepherd, her coat is shorter and sheds beautiful quickly. She has been on a raw diet and use to all sorts of kibble.

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