6 month old female pup (Woodland Wa)

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Please just read the whole add. It is frustrating a bit when people message questions that I have already answered below! It's not too long๐Ÿ‘‡ ๐Ÿ˜Š

Willow is our 6 month old Pyranese/Australian Sheppard sweet puppy who is such a great dog. She is a fast learner. She knows some basic commands already. She is potty trained and only has accidents when not taken outside regularly. She is so funny. Loves to run and jump in tall grass and roll around and pick up sticks no matter how big. I've seen her with small logs and big branches from trees. She is kennel trained except we could never afford a kennel so we have used our bathroom for her place. It has worked great! She is sweet cuddly and loving but also playful. She loves to play catch. She is Faithful when let off the leash outside and will follow commands and come to you when called ( only tested in a large empty grassy field across from our apartments). She has grown up around cats kids babies and dogs. There are really no downsides to her except that she is a puppy and still learning. My family members won't help me take care of her like they agreed to and she just deserves better. I've gone so back and forth because I love her so much, but I'm taking my feelings out of it and doing what's best for her. I am so sad. I am just asking a very small rehoming fee of $75 Two-O-8 61eight- 99nine5 text works best.

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