Veterans BK Leg Art(Sanctioned Soldier) - $700,000 (portland)

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condition: like new
make / manufacturer: flexfoot
model name / number: flex
size / dimensions: 5x9x12
Veterans bk amputee leg art for sale. Made from an authentic prosthetic leg from a veteran who lost his leg attending the California Military Academy. Comes signed by the veteran with a copy of the BVA denial of benefits or medical care which spans over a quarter of a century. It represents a protest to the sanctioning of veterans benefits/medical, a stark statement to the idiocracy, abuse, corruption and complete failure of the American and VA healthcare system. It shows how the American government has lost its ability to abide by the simplest of contracts that there are real people out there with real concerns that are not being addressed what you see or hear is at best a pale reflection of why so many are dis-enfrachiced .

It shows how you can serve your country, several branches of the military with honor and get abandoned by the United States of America the second you fall. How does a two time veteran have no DD form 214, no exit physical no access to home loans, benefits or medical with billions spent on vets and dozens of organizations designed specifically for helping vets? How does this happen in the land of the free and brave? How does the VA white house call center cover up the fact the VA is calling veterans who claim fraud and harass/threaten their family, their underage children. Also included is dozens of screenshots of phone calls made to by the VA harassing/threatening the veterans family immediately following a claim of fraud against the VA/BVA. The corruption and sanctioning of america's veterans benefits, medical have caused a quiet VETERANS HOLOCAUST that is being ignored and swept under the carpet. How many veterans got phone calls harassing them like I did and committed suicide we will never know. For an extra dollar the veteran of not one but two branches of the armed service will throw in the dollar bill signed by previous Academy Cadets which was kept pinned inside the soldiers cap to remind him why he was in the academy and enduring such hardships. The cap is not for sale and does not come with the artwork.

Want to walk a mile in a soldiers footsteps sanctioned by his own government now is your chance. Own the foot that walked hundred of miles, fought, farmed, and raised four kids without so much as a single penny,medical care, benefit from the VA/BVA God bless.

"I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet”

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