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☎24/7 Plumber 503-389-8562 SEPTIC Sewer Drain Cleaning PLUMBING Grease (PORTLAND METRO - Vancouver - Salem)

5410 NE 109th Ave

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503-389-8562 24/7 PLUMBING

Licensed - Bonded - Insured CCB# OR 147355 / WA RIVERCE981BT


For expert plumbing services in the Portland, OR, area, call River City Environmental for speedy, dependable assistance. Our services include faucet repair and replacement, plumbing fixture installation, water heater troubleshooting and replacement, and work with toilets, sinks, bathtubs, showers, garbage disposals, water softeners, and water filtration systems. If you need a plumber in Portland, we can do the job and do it right the first time!

The plumbing experts at River City Environmental will treat you and your home with upmost courtesy. Our professional plumbers are prescreened through background checks and drug tested so you can feel safe about the people coming into your home. Our plumbers have years of experience serving the Portland area.
We provide plumbing services for residential, commercial and industrial customers including complete sewer line replacement. No job is too big or too small.

When commercial property has a plumbing emergency, this can be costly to a business. Whether the problem is related to drainage systems or your sewer lines, you can count on our professional plumbers at River City Environmental to assess and repair the issue. We work quickly and efficiently to minimize downtime due to your plumbing emergencies.

Emergency service after-hours? No problem. We have plumbers available at all hours of the day and night. This includes weekends and holidays.

Leaky Pipes
Grease Blockage
Toilet Repair and Installation
Hot Water Heater Repair & Replacement
Leaking Joints
Root Infiltration
Bellied Pipes
Garbage Disposal

Drains become clogged over time due to the buildup of grease, soap and other waste particles. You may consider clearing a small clog yourself using over the counter drain cleaners. But before you do you should also consider that some over-the-counter drain cleaners can be harmful to your pipes. Check the label carefully or better yet, let the drain cleaning experts at River City Environmental take care of your clog, no matter how small it seems. Our expert plumbers can clear blockages of all sizes, using our state-of-the art technology, making sure that there is no further damage. We have expert drain technicians ready to provide you with quality drain cleaning services, here at River City Environmental, so call us today.

Sinks, Tubs, Showers and Toilets
Cabling and Jetting
Camera and Video Inspection
Dishwashers and Disposals
Downspout Drains
Floor Drains
Kitchen Drains, Faucets and Sinks
Main Sewer Lines
Catch Basin Cleaning and Replacement
Plugged Grease Traps

Repair and Maintenance

Schedule your Drain Tech today to keep your septic system running smoothly. Whether you need repair, locating, pumping or installation, River City’s commitment to service and quality has made us a leader in the Pacific Northwest for septic services since 1995. We are a locally owned company, working with you to provide top quality products and services tailored to your specific needs. We are Oregon- and Washington-certified septic inspectors and installers.

Our experienced, professional staff provides these services:

New tank installation
Septic reversals
Repairs to tanks and drain field
Commercial and residential inspections
Fiber Optic Video Inspection
Water Line Repair and Replacement
Flooded crawl space
Sand filter or sand mound system
Gravity systems
Pump to gravity systems
Tank treatment products
Filter installation
Drain field and “D” box locating and repair
Drain field cleaning and jetting
Cesspools and holding tanks
Camera and video inspection
Sewer hookup and decommissioning

When you need your grease trap or interceptor repaired or maintained, River City Environmental’s dependable crew is ready to help at your business 24/7.

Grease Trap and Interceptor services include:
Cleaning grease traps and interceptors
Pick up and recycling of restaurant oils
Drain cleaning and line jetting
Grease trap repair and replacement
In-line video camera inspection
Emergency spill clean up

From small areas to large, under foundations to major earth moving projects—River City Environmental is ready for your excavation project. Our professional backhoe and trackhoe services include water and sewer installation, septic systems, repairs and more. River City has provided experienced, qualified, professional operators running well-maintained machinery since 1995.

We’ll save you money with our low minimum costs and high productivity. Call 503-252-6144 to schedule service.

Utility locating
Bioswale maintenance

New construction
Emergency repairs
Asphalt and cement patching
Catch basin installation & replacement
Emergency pipe repairs
Erosion control
Vacuum excavating
New water sewer installation
Pipe boring and bursting
Rock delivery for businesses and residential customers
Tank decommissioning
Vault installation
Water truck
Water trucks for locating lines

River City tanker trucks are available for any of your high-volume liquid hauling needs. Contact us to learn how we can help with your project.

Services include:
Non-potable water transportation
High volume waste cleanup
High volume waste water removal
High volume gray water removal

River City Environmental handles ANY size spills - from spilled milk to derailments. With 24-hour emergency response, our team of professionals take care of large industrial spills throughout the Pacific Northwest. We also help with any type of emergency spill or accidents at your business or residence. If you have a spill, please call to talk with one of our project managers.

And, we are available 24/7/365 to provide whatever services are required.

Our reliable, professional crew handles these types of spills and more:

Hydraulic oil spill
Grease trap spill
Oil barrel spill
Diesel spill
Septic back up spill
Sewer line
Lift station failures
Road side accident cleanup
Rail car
Truck rollover
Flooded areas
Solids and liquid spill
Water way

River City Environmental helps you comply with the Clean Water Act as well as local and regional water quality regulations. From maintaining catch basins and sedimentation manholes to installing filtration systems, we'll help get your site compliant.

River City provides a full array of stormwater services, including:

Professional cleaning and maintenance services for catch basins, drywells and swales
Cleaning your pipes as well as jetting and videoing your pipes to ensure continued flow
Storm drain jetting and cleaning
Stormwater filter cleaning
Drywell permitting and decommissioning
Oil-water separator cleaning
Sedimentation manhole installation
Bioswale and pond cleaning
Underground detention cleaning
Vactor truck services
Video and camera inspection and monitoring

Servicing your catch basins on a regular basis is important. Imagine if you haven't cleaned your truck in 5 years. Frequency for maintenance depends upon the pollutant load at your site, site and typical weather conditions.

And if you have a metal roof, consider your rooftop runoff. These metals need to be removed from your stormwater runoff to ensure your site remains in compliance.


Drop box/roll off services include:

Solid waste hauling
Site cleanup
Rock, soil and fill delivery
Demolition rubble hauling
Wood waste and recyclable hauling
Yard debris
Roofing debris
Vacuum boxes

10 yard
20 yard
30 yard
40 yard
Vac Boxes

A 10 yard drop box is equal to approximately three (3) standard pickup trucks filled level across the top of the bed.

Bioswales channel stormwater into a trough filled with vegetation, compost or mulch, and rubble to reduce runoff, increase infiltration, and remove pollutants. Bioswales are often positioned alongside roads and parking lots to capture runoff. Bioswales often cost less than traditional curb and gutter systems, though their efficacy is dependent on proper siting, design, and construction, as well as continued maintenance. Vegetation used in bioswales should be flood tolerant, erosion resistant, salt tolerant, and native when possible. Bioswales can be used in combination with other stormwater best management practices to manage high stormwater flows.

Regular maintenance is required to ensure continued effectiveness and system longevity, including regular mowing and reseeding, as well as inspections for erosion, weed control, and trash removal. Proper snow and sand removal are necessary to ensure that bioswales continue functioning after winters in cold areas.

Bioswale Benefits:

Uses natural processes to reduce stormwater runoff volume, rate, and pollutants and increase soil and groundwater infiltration
Green spaces can improve urban air quality, contribute to lower urban air temperatures, and be aesthetically pleasing
Can be easily retrofitted during any landscape modification or parking lot/street resurfacing
Construction and maintenance costs of bioswales are often lower than those of conventional stormwater management systems
Our Services:

Vegetation Establishment
Emergency Watering
Management of Extreme Events
Excavation and Removal of Pollutants
Damage Repair
Sediment Removal
The team at River City Environmental has the experience and know-how to build, maintain, and manage stormwater bioswales at your location. Call today for a no obligation custom quote.

We offer a full array of professional cleaning and services for commercial and industrial sites. Our 24/7 services include:

Carwash pit maintenance
Conveyor cleaning
Digester servicing
Drop boxes
Emergency spills
Grease trap services
Guzzler truck
Lift stations
Liquid waste pumping and hauling
Marine cleaning / Bilge water removal
Parking lots and street sweeping
Plumbing and video inspection services
Pond cleanup
Pressure washing
Scale pit cleaning
Septic services
Spill response
Stormwater services
Water truck services
If you need a service that isn't listed here, please contact us - we can probably help!

River City offers vactor and guzzler truck services for any size projects at both commercial and industrial locations. Call us to discuss your work. Our knowledgeable team will help troubleshoot your project.

Services include:

Hydro excavation
Environmental cleanup
Potholing / Locating
Tank cleaning
Commercial line jetting
Industrial clean up

Call us when you need water delivered - we've got you covered. River City provides water truck services throughout the Northwest for all of your residential, industrial and commercial needs, including:

Swimming pool and pond filling
Dust control
Street cleaning
Construction clean up
Parking lot flushing
Commercial photo shoots
Commercial and industrial tanks
Irrigation / Farming
Line flushing
Spill response
Fire supression / control

Our water truck services are available 24/7. Contact us to schedule your delivery or to discuss your service requirements.

Whether it's protecting your parking lot with sweeping, sealcoating or providing a clean, well marked parking lot for your customers and employees, River City is your resource for parking lot and pavement marking and maintenance services.

Protect your investment in asphalt by sealing cracks and adding seal coating.

Count on us for timely and professional striping, sweeping, clean up, pressure washing, snow removal and more. Schedule your inspection or work today.

Re-stripe your parking lot now that spring has arrived, or maybe it's time to design a layout that maximizes your space so its easier and safer to navigate. Our team is ready to assist.

Construction cleanup
Parking lot flushing
Dust control

To keep your lot safe from injuries, flooding and mosquito breeding throughout the year, it's recommended to clean your catch basins every six months. After a long winter, there's plenty of debris built up to clean out, so your parking area is ready for the spring and summer months. Before winter sets in, it's good to clean out the leaves, trash and debris from summer and fall.

You'll avoid flooding and prevent drainage line backup if you keep your catch basins serviced. Getting rid of standing water in the basin improves vector control and reduces mosquito breeding. Contact us for service and your lot will be safer year 'round.

From scheduled maintenance to checking the amperage, to pump or panel replacement, River City does it all. We bring the necessary equipment to keep flooding down during repair and maintenance. Regularly scheduled services are tailored to your needs.

Control system repair
Grease trap cleanout
Leak repair
Pump replacement
Replacing electric floats
Septic services
Stormwater compliance
Sump and vault repair
Video inspection of lines

Emergency bypasses are necessitated by unforeseen equipment breakdowns and the consequence is a backup in sewage resulting in overflows, spills, environmental damage and fines. In dealing with these catastrophes, speed is of the essence and River City Environmental has dedicated numerous resources to this end.

River City Environmental has the staff, tools and equipment necessary to get manpower and equipment to the scene of an emergency sewage bypass before anyone else. Depending upon the scope of the problem, we can provide technicians, laborers, supervision, pumps, valves, pipe, hose fittings and the equipment needed to put it all together. Our Bypass Trailer is outfitted with equipment and stocked with all the fittings needed to get a complicated bypass up and running in no time.

The ideal way to prepare for an emergency sewage bypass is to have a service plan in place ahead of time. River City Environmental offers a service to provide a complete written Emergency Sewage Bypass Plan to help you prepare. Our staff will evaluate your pump stations, review the access, flows and other logistical issues and write up a plan of action with a detailed list of the equipment required in the event of a breakdown.

We will also recommend any infrastructure improvements that may be needed to facilitate a temporary pumping system. Copies of the plan will be maintained at the facilities of both our customer and Pumping Services, and it can be mobilized in the event of an emergency.

When it comes to Emergency Sewage Bypass, think local. As a local company, we can mobilize quicker, get onsite faster, and have you back on line more rapidly than any other sewer bypass or dewatering company.
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