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compensació: Min for training. Up to $15-18+. Generous mileage.
tipus d'ocupació: a temps complet

Clean Affinity provides the greenest house cleaning services to the Portland area. If you enjoy cleaning, but don't enjoy chemicals, this will be a job that is easy for you to love!

We offer an independent work environment that is drama-free. You'll be working solo most of the time giving you plenty of time to find your zen or listen to music.

You can expect to be treated like the adult you are. Zero passive aggressive comments or lack of recognition for your hard work.

This is a full-time position and you can expect me to do absolutely everything in my power to ensure that you have all the hours that you ask for. Your continued employment is my responsibility and I have spent the last year working to make your job recession-resistant.

The clients we work for are fantastic people that are very generous. You can expect to be paid well hourly AND tips!

Hourly pay starts at Min Wage for training and can go to $18+/hr. based on performance.
Generous mileage reimbursements - $0.50/mile.

We are looking for people with staying power. . . we expect at least a 6 month commitment and prefer at least a year. Our clients want reliability and consistency so that's what we give them.

***If you LOVE to clean, this will be a GREAT job for you! ***

Basic Requirements

Car - legal and reliable and has 4 wheels.
Phone - something that can run apps.


  • Només empreses. Si ets un intermediari, si us plau, no contactis amb l'anunciant.
  • NO contacteu amb nosaltres per serveis o ofertes no demanades

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