Mushroom Cultivation Lab Supplies - $395 (SE 175 / Division)

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Asking $395 Open to reasonable offers

Lab Supplies:
- Malt Extract Agar (90% full)
- Parafilm - HS234526A M Roll 250'
Length x 2" Width (95% left)
- Surgical Steel Scalpel with Blades
- Large Mushroom Grow Bag - [0.5
micron filter] (49 bags)
- wheat berries (2kg)
- Adherable Injection Ports For Plant &
Mushroom Tissue Culture (~40 qty)
- Adherable Lid Filters For Plant &
Mushroom Tissue Culture (~40 qty)
- Gypsum (5lb)
- Warning glass 1L blender
- Alcohol lamp & alcohol
- 5 sleaves of Petri dishes
- 0.22um syringe filters (~25)
- 1 quart jars with lids (18)
- jar funnel
- impulse sealer
- Large Aluminium trays for Fruiting (100
qty NEW)

The supplies are up in Portland and I'm down here in Eugene but for interested buyers and enough coordination I can make it a trip and meet you down here in Eugene.

spore syringes, grain spawn bags, pressure cooker, sterilization equipment, mushroom grow bags with filter patches, humidity and temperature control systems, HEPA filter, air exchange system, hygrometer, terrarium, misting bottle, substrate ingredients (such as vermiculite, peat moss, and gypsum), mushroom cultivation kits, inoculation loop, laminar flow hood, scalpel or sharp knife, alcohol lamp or Bunsen burner for sterilization, agar plates, petri dishes, mycology lab supplies, mushroom drying rack, hydroponic systems, LED grow lights, climate control, carbon filter, ventilation fans, reflective lining, fabric pots, temperature and humidity monitor, plant nutrients, pH testing kit, automatic watering system, grow mediums (such as coco coir, perlite, and vermiculite), trellis netting, pruning shears, propagation kit, grow tent kits, light timers, adjustable rope hangers, indoor gardening tools, pest management solutions, air circulation fans, and grow room glasses

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