Massage Therapist/Musician/WRITER seeking my own private NEST (PORTLAND)

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Hello in here!
My name is Joshua & i have lived in the Portland Area for 6 years now. I am originally from NY but moved out to the west coast (San Francisco) in 1997.
I am currently living with a roommate in the mount tabor area but i am seeking my own private space to live & work out of. I do massage therapy/healing & my quiet time & alone/creative space is incredibly crucial for not only my work & creativity... but my mental health. Living besides others can be incredibly taxing.
I do massage/body work & have many steady & regular cliental.. so finding a cottage or in-law or basement/loft studio space or 1 bdrm to also work out of, is incredibly important, as this is how i make a living for myself.
Id love to stay below the $1000/month rent but i am open to further openings & even worktrade, where i give you a weekly massage in exchange for lower rent.. but i am open to every & all possibility.
My resume & references are plenty & honest.
I am a queer man in recovery, with almost 5 years underneath my belt of no booze & naughty drugs.
I dont have many belongings.. a few bags of clothes & a digital piano.. alongside very little furniture.. so it is not a hard feat to move into a new space... furnished or unfurnished.
I believe in the power of recovery, healing, plant medicine, meditation, yoga & all aspects of mental health & recovery, which has floored me on my journey & revealed a newfound freedom & stability in my personal life.
Id love to find a landlord, or a roommate or house owner that respects me & my space in this...
giving me the space & room to express all of my creative & life endeavors.
I am also open to sublets &/or house & petsitting, in exchange for such a space but ideally id love to find a space of my own for long term.
I hope this post finds you safe, calm & loved.
and the right eyes will find it...
and want to help me along in finding said space.
Only LOVE,

ps. feel free to check out my debut album, SACRED SECRET by Joshua Bley on all streaming platforms. I am currently writing a memoir about my life & recovery (i was also raised a Jehovah's Witness! LOL) & i am in discussion about a documentary being made about me with a production company from the U.K. England. Very exciting.

pss. I am open to moving in soon or even later... dates are flexible, as i currently have a space but needing more privacy & space... on my own. BIG HUG. and if you know of anyone, please forward them this post. Peace. x

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