Kawasaki 1971-75 F7 F6 parts - $111 (sw portland)

make / manufacturer: Kawasaki
model name / number: F7 F6
size / dimensions: 175 125
1971-75 Kawasaki F7-E 175cc and 1971-73 Kawasaki F6 125cc Bobcat parts for sale. May fit other similar year Kawasaki bikes. Email interest..

***This ad is parts only - not a bike for sale***

**email phone number - fastest & best response**

$$$ I can fix your bike or restore your parts $$$

*only what is listed here is available*

- F7 F6 original tool set tools.
- F7 F6 OEM clutch cable new
- F7 F6 OEM clutch cable used
- NOS Dunlop Trials Universal tire 3.00 x 19”
- used Dunlop Trials Universal tire 3.00 x 19”
- F6 front wheel with new tire/tube 3.00 x 18”
- F7 front chrome steel wheel rim 19” OEM
- F7 F6 NOS spokes
- F7 later 74-76 complete carburetor
- F7 F6 carburetor rubber top cap and holder
- F7 F6 carburetor motor case metal hole plug
- F7 F6 L/R hand levers -new 1973-‘75 OEM
- F7 F6 F9 L/R hand perch & levers 71-72 OEM
- F7 F6 F9 right throttle choke control case
- F7 F6 NOS throttle grip & tube 1971-72
- F7 F6 OEM L/R hand levers (end balls cut off)
- F7 F6 NOS up left hand control case 1973
- F7 F6 used up left hand control case 1971-72
- F7 F6 NOS low left hand control case 1971-72
- F7 F6 NOS handlebar choke control lever 71-72
- F7 F6 left hand control wires ‘71-72
- F7 F6 handlebar top clamps and bolts.
- F7 F6 Toyo used OEM left mirror ‘71-72
- F7 F6 NOS mirror clamps 1971-72
- F7 F6 clamp mirror set ‘71-72 aftermarket
- F6 used replaceable bulb headlight ‘71-72
- F6 used headlight bucket ‘71-72
- F7 NOS sealed bulb headlight ‘71-72
- F7 NOS replaceable bulb headlight 71-72
- F7 used replaceable bulb headlight 71-72
- F7 NOS headlight bucket ‘71-72
- F7 used headlight bucket ‘71-72
- F7 NOS headlight bucket ‘73-75
- F7 used headlight bucket ‘73-75
- F6 headlight bucket side ear rubber dampers
- F7 F6 speedo/tach clamp ring cable holder
- F7 F6 front fender top mount bracket
- F7 F6 triple tree upper and lower ‘71-72
- F7 F6 triple tree amber reflectors ‘71-72
- F7 fork headlight ear brackets ‘71-72
- F7 F6 headlight ear fork cylinder rubber dampers
- F6 fork brace OEM like new w/Kaw decal
- F6 fork legs left/right chrome lowers
- F7 fork legs left/right aluminum HATTA lowers
- F7 NOS wire harness 1971
- F7 F6 wire harness large rubber cover boot
- F7 F6 rare clear/white large wire band
- F7 F6 black small rubber wire band ties
- F7 F6 main fuse with case and wiring assembly
- F7 F6 horn ‘71-72.
- F7 F6 rectifier
- F7 F6 complete taillight assy 1971
- F7 F6 taillight lens 1971
- F7 F6 used green cloth seat band strap
- F7 F6 tan battery rubber band clip (new)
- F7 F6 seat latch, spring set, pins, hinge, foam
- F7 F6 nice light-weight aluminum air box
- F7 F6 new aftermarket rear foot peg set
- F7 F6 gas cap smooth top stainless 1971-73
- F7 F6 gas cap octagon chrome 1974-76
- F7 175 petcock parts
- F6 125 petcock
- F7 F6 gas tank petcock spout repair patch
- F7 F6 rubber gas tank triangular damper mat
- F7 F6 exhaust pipe outer heat cover
- F7 F6 NOS asbestos muffler header string gasket
- F7 F6 front or rear turn signals ‘73-75
- F7 F6 turn signal bulbs 6v 8w ‘71-72
- F7 F6 turn signal bulbs 6v 17w ‘73-75
- F7 F6 turn signal lens ‘73-75
- F7 F6 aftmkt (4) turn signal lenses 1971-72
- F6 F7 oil tank with original paint 1971
- F7 F6 428x14 tooth front OEM sprocket
- F7 F6 428x65 tooth rear aluminum sprocket
- F7 F6 428x70 tooth rear aluminum sprocket
- F7 F6 NOS sprocket case clutch adj rubber boot
- F7 F6 motor case stator ignition cover 2-piece
- F7 F6 motor case oil pump cover
- F7 175 cylinder ‘71-72
- F7 F6 clutch release assembly
- F7 F6 chain rail lower guard
- F7 F6 battery box new powder coat no rust
- F7 F6 battery box old with rust
- F7 F6 side kick stand
- F7 F6 key # 152
- F7 F6 metal tool box compartment
- F7 front wheel hub torque link stabilizer bar
- F7 F6 kick starter upper foot pad and pad post
- F7 F6 rear axel bolt and nut + chain adjusters
- F7 F6 left/right front foot pegs 1973-75
- F7 F6 misc bulk hardware
- F7 F6 rear metal fender with original paint 1971
- F7 F6 rear plastic inner fender 1971-75
- F7 F6 rear shock set 1971-72
- F7 F6 rear/front axel castle nut - good used
- F7 F6 rear wheel hub and brake plate combo
- F7 F6 rear brake plate torque arm bar link
- F7 F6 rear brake rod - early 1971-73 version
- F7 F6 oil dipstick and drain plug
- F7 F6 broken ignition switch - parts only
- F7 F6 front brake cable with switch - parts only

U-pick up in Portland or I ship for USPS cost paid via PayPal.

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