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Tube compressor project Jay L Warren record player - $500 (SE portland)


condition: good

Looking to trade cool guitar stomp boxes, audiophile stereo gear or nice condenser microphones, Old JBL speakers. cash is always good too. I got this about 5 years ago, never did anything with it. never powered it up. could be all original and will definitely need an overhaul of most electronic components. Sold as-is.

This Jay L Warren W2S or W25 medical record player is truly a fascinating and extremely rare record player. It has 6 tubes inside. condition unknown. I would put this unit's date from the 1950's. This model record player is custom made for hearing tests in an audiology laboratory, using laboratory records (binaural/stereo), a set of microphones, the stereo headphones, and it’s built-in speaker. The major difference between this and a typical classroom box record player is quite astounding: it has independent left and right volume controls on such an early device. BINAURAL . (Binaural was the term used before "stereo" was popularized. The first stereophonic phonograph discs were not available to the general public until 1958. However, some may have been available to the medical/audiology field.) This means that these earlier twin tube pre-amplifier models are quite rare. The run on the W-25 may have been 1,000 - or less. As you'll quickly tell, we won't see these on ebay every year, and I strain to find information or pictures come up about it. This one is in perfect working condition. I used it's tube pre-amp section for recording/producing vocals on an album in 2006-2007 and they produced beautiful results. The preamp accepts 2 old-type mic inputs , each with their own volume control. Also binaural "left ear" and "right ear" output knobs leading to a stereo 3-ring 1/4" jack. It has a stowage compartment with a power cable. This may be one of the first binaural stereo phonographs ever in production, and easily the most fascinating I’ve ever seen in one box. It has a Jay L Warren gated compression tube amplifier, 2-ch (with single compression lamp), Astatic tonearm, and Astatic 81T (942 EK) cartridge, VG condition (low use).Also, I am not sure if the two separate amplifiers mean this has stereo output to the single speaker, maybe it is a double-coiled 6x9? B Off the stylus I see one lead inside of one ground wrapped around it (monaural). I will presume this has two individual inputs and outputs that can work with the tonearm assembly, with proper modification. This may require installing a simple 3-lead (stereo) tonearm to the pre amplifiers. It's current condition is: unknown and I have never powered it up.

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