Other musical cognitives? Bass, drums, keys, engineer, record... (SE Portland)

Other musical cognitives? Bass, drums, keys, engineer, record... 1 thumbnailOther musical cognitives? Bass, drums, keys, engineer, record... 2 thumbnailOther musical cognitives? Bass, drums, keys, engineer, record... 3 thumbnail
Keeping the musical pilot light on over here, room for a couple others to hang and settle in with the process. Think unpaid DIY-Wrecking-Crew-Light or Pet Sounds type studio obsessions and song building to keep musical brain muscles active. No drama, no pressure, no stress!

I write a lot of (complete) songs and play with layered soundscapes. I have a usable home music space with ProTools and mics set up. I primarily play and write on guitar, but dabble in anything that makes sound, including my recent BASS VI! Looking for others interested in talking shop, playing song parts, recording, vibing, multi-instrumentalist, engineering experience, proficient in ProTools/Mac, (can teach me about charting songs?) or is an easy-tempered-but-solid bass, drum or keys player to participate in on-going project.

NOT looking at gigs or paid studio time (at the moment). Some get excited by the material, but rush in to reinvent all my song parts or want to be out gigging ASAP. I've gone down that road before, that's not my goal. My aim is to find a couple others that like the material enough for some semi-regular hangouts, tracking, song learning and building up a working relationship - doing it for fun. If something really clicked and developed then studios and gigs are always out there. But I have zero interest (or budget) in chasing gigs again or rushing into paid studio time ...unless there was something worth showing off with a solid and cohesive group. If a "band" develops again around my songs that's great, but right now I'm just making music at home because it's my creative compulsion and the songwriting never stops. A good workflow and documenting songs via home recording is the ongoing goal as well as enjoying music nerding-out with others.

I've hit my limits with trying to be 100% engineer and play all the parts. Better to do one or the other at a time for more focused results. With a good engineer I can play most instruments myself (to some degree), or with a good player or two I can focus on recording them and their parts (with my basic ProTools abilities). It's also fun to just jam through songs for the hell of it. It's all about enjoying the craft, playing a lot of tunes, hearing the quality and creativity of finished recordings or being able to perform song layers in real time vs just aimlessly bashing through tunes without nuance.

All original songs, inspired by soundscapes of classic analog era albums, cinematic movie scores, jangly rock, surf, folk, early punk, blues, rockabilly, motown, Americana, British invasion, indie, hard rock, grunge, alternative, avant-garde, low-fi, hi-fi, DIY, noise, jazz, spaghetti westerns. I love 50's, 60's 70's recordings and bands like Kinks, Stones, Doors, Zeppelin, Seeds, Love, Animals, Hendrix, Stooges, Buddy Holly, Pink Floyd, The Clash, David Bowie + Pixies, QOTSA, Idles, Police, Fugazi, the first No Age album, Neutral Milk Hotel, etc... Basically guitar based songs in that palette of tones, tempos and instrumentation + keys, percussion, odd instruments, strings, brass or found objects to keep it interesting. It's all about creative soundscapes around basic guitar songs.

Context counts: Please send links or samples or background to get conversation started. Looking forward to talking shop!

A few odds and ends here:

DIY laptop EP I did in myself in an apartment it 2008 - it was rushed, but gives an idea of vibe:

I post ongoing and random music bits here (mostly so I dont forget them later) @

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