Is your dog difficult to hire help for? I can help! (Portland)

I’ve often heard from my clients, “if it weren't for you, I wouldn't have been able to go out.” As a dog walker who typically takes on the tougher cases, I want you to be able to say the same! I want you to be able to live your best social life, and having a dog should not mean that you have to sacrifice that!

While many dog owners that seek dog walkers are in need of minimal services: a nice and easy walk around the neighborhood, or a quick check-in with a water bowl refresh and a quick relief session outside in the backyard, it’s not always that easy for everyone: I know firsthand, that every dog is different and comes with his/her own unique set of needs.

Some dogs often require understanding from a person that comes with a skilled background in canine behavioral psychology. And when you elicit the help from many of the popular dog walking apps that are available these days, you may not always get exactly that.

I believe that building trust is key and that a consistent experience with the same dog walker can make quite a difference for your dog!

I’ve often had clients apologize to me for common behaviors like jumping, play biting, growling, barking, bearing teeth, etc.

It’s nothing to be embarrassed about! These are all different behaviors that dogs use to communicate with us! Your dog is saying: I am excited! I have a lot of energy! I want to get close to you so I can smell your face! I want to play with you! I am not sure of you! or I don’t quite trust you!

Have any of these behaviors prevented you from hiring a dog walker and as a result, you haven’t been able to have the range of social freedom you’d prefer? I can help!

Who am I? I am a woman in my thirties, and am currently studying for my Certified Professional Dog Training- Konwledge Assessed exam (CPDT-KA), that I will be taking next spring. I am fully devoted to a career working with canines. Here is more about my history working with dogs:

*I have fostered puppies for over three years (including entire litters of newborns)

*I have adopted two rescues who require special attention: one is leash reactive and dog reactive, and the other is people reactive

*I make free training videos, available to the public, on training basic commands like “sit”

*I am experienced with positive reinforcement training and with the use of a marker word or clicker

*I have worked with bully breeds, herding breeds, and other breeds that require specialized knowledge and handling

*Have worked with a variety of walking gear (harness, gentle lead, etc.)

A few of my clients:

Moka- I am Moka’s full time dog walker. I am lucky enough to have been a part of her life, her entire life as I was her foster from birth until adoption. Post-adoption, Moka’s family kept me on as Moka’s primary care provider. Moka can be very slow to trust new people and other dogs and does not do well around children. On our walks, I pay special attention to our surroundings and assure that she feels safe and secure at all times, preventing people and especially children from approaching her or trying to reach out and pet her.

Indy- Indy is a purebred Border Collie and is slow to trust and can be unpredictable at times with his movements and reactions to other people and animals. He is very pack loyal and does not like unfamiliar people entering his home and will bark and growl as means of expressing this. It has taken several years for Indy to trust me and he still has his days where he is cautious of my presence. We have a very specific routine that we stick to with each walk to assure consistency and maintaining his trust with me.

S & J- two pit bull mixes that were seldom walked and exhibited an abundant amount of undesirable behaviors as a result. The family came to me, a number of years ago, desperate for help. We worked together to improve these behaviors by knowing what each one means and how it can be prevented. As a result, the entire family, dogs included, thrive more and are distressed less!

What I can do for you & my rates:

*Free meet and greet- it’s important to make sure I am the right fit for your dog! A 20-30 minute session will allow me to judge whether or not I am the best qualified match to be working with your dog, despite those unruly behaviors, as well as give you the opportunity to judge the same about me.

Note: there is a difference in a dog that is fear reactive and a dog that is aggressive. At this time, I do not take on dog aggression cases but can comfortably work with dogs that are fear reactive and/or slow to develop trust with new people

-40 minute sessions- $20 (guaranteed walk time of 30 minutes with remaining time devoted to putting on and removing walking gear, refreshing water bowl, etc.) or a home visit (time spent at the house and/or outside in the backyard), whichever you prefer

-60 minute sessions- $30 (guaranteed walk time of 50 minutes with remaining time devoted to putting on and removing walking gear, refreshing water bowl, etc.), or a home visit (time spent at the house and/or outside in the backyard), whichever you prefer

-2-hour excursion, experience- $50 (seasonal and depending on weather)- I will transport your dog to a nearby nature park (pre-approved by you) where we will walk the trails and/or hike. This is a good option for an especially energetic dog that needs to unleash some energy! Some examples of location are Mt. Tabor Park and Powell Butte Park.

*I accept payments via in-person: cash, Square payments or via Paypal, Apple Pay. A payment schedule can be discussed & arranged upon successful meet and greet

Areas that I service:

*SE Portland
*NE Portland
*Oregon City
*Areas along the I-205 corridor

*Areas outside of this range are negotiable but may impact rates due to increased commute time

Your dog will always:
*Be safe!
*Have their unique needs met at all times (i.e. not allowed off leash, dietary restrictions, can not be around children etc.)
*Will be buckled in with doggy seatbelts during transport
*Have access to water during walks (I will bring along a portable dog water bottle)
*Be cleaned up after properly- all waste will be disposed of properly
*Get the best quality interaction they possibly can during each session

A few extra Bonuses:
*I always have a traveling dog kit in my car in case of emergencies- snacks, puppy pads, disposal bags, extra leashes, extra water supply, towels for unexpected messes or for when it rains, chuck-it, a lantern for night walks

*You can request a special area of focus that I can work with your dog on, free of charge, during our sessions! This could be basic commands, not tugging or pulling on the leash, listening to commands more promptly, recall etc.

*I will offer free training sessions to my clients, the more I near my CPDT-KA exam.

I am looking to pick up *EDIT 1 more account (depending on frequency of requested services) with a minimum requirement of at least 2 sessions per week. I have a pretty open and flexible schedule, with open availability 7 days a week, with a few slots taken already, during the daytime. At this time, all of my on-call slots are full.

*I prefer to work one-on-one with one dog at a time as to give them my complete and undivided attention

For any additional questions or to schedule a meet and great, feel free to reach out to me by replying to this email.

And if you are worried that I might not want to work with your dog, please don’t be shy! I understand how diverse our canine friends are and I believe that all dogs are deserving of time, patience, and understanding. It’s at least worth a shot!

**Multiple References available upon request :-)

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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