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You Are Not an Easy Person to Find!

Since 1992, National Fire Fighter Corp has been committed to protecting people and property. We are a 3rd generation family-owned, dynamic company. We are a recognized leader in fire protection services. The key to our success is a highly trained staff of experts. We take great pride in hiring the best people available and focusing on our customers. We are currently searching for a full time Shop Tech.

Job duties include fire extinguisher testing, inspection, and filling to required industry standards, maintaining shop inventory, assisting occasional walk-in customers, and gaining required NFPA knowledge for fire & life safety.

Skills needed: dependability, customer-focused, attention to detail, versatility, proactive communication, problem solving, teamwork, and confidence in acting decisively in a fast-paced, deadline-sensitive environment. Position requires mechanical aptitude; lifting requirements (up to 75 lbs frequently). We hire for the future--our shop techs are people we promote quickly to our next open Fire Protection Sales & Service Tech, working in the field directly with our local business customers to sell, service and educate them on their fire protection needs.

As our Shop Tech, it goes without saying that you should truly enjoy the challenge & satisfaction of making sure our customers have the correct fire protection when they need it. It also helps if you are genuinely interested in the products we sell--anything mechanical, industrial, and fire-suppression related. After all, we are a distributor involved in sales and service of fire suppression and welding products (check out our websites: and If you can't appreciate those products, you most likely won't enjoy the work.

Our ideal employee is highly curious, upbeat, entrepreneurial, energized by the challenge to make a difference, eager to understand new things, fascinated by how to make things better, likes brainstorming and taking risks, and is technically comfortable but more customer-service driven. We're looking for a motivated, enthusiastic self-starter with the ability to prioritize own workload, work independently, and exercise independent decision-making. Can you do all that? Oh, and we have great benefits, a fun environment, and competitive pay. If you can handle all of that, please email your resume. Looking forward to hearing from you!

National Fire Fighter Core Values:

Do the Right Thing | Family| Fun | Sustainability | Independence | Community
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