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Hewlett-Packard HP 9831 is a BASIC-language desktop computer introduced in mid-1977.
The HP 9831A is a desktop computer that can be used as either a stand-alone device or with peripherals in an integrated computing system for industrial, commercial and scientific applications.
One of the main features of the 9831A is its programming language, the powerful BASIC (Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code). Because BASIC is a commonly known computer language and is similar to English, it's easy to learn and apply to programming skills.

To increase the 9831A's capabilities, certain commands have been built in to handle alphanumeric string variables, advanced programming techniques, and input/output operations. In addition, you can work with up to 286 simple variables, 26 one- or two-dimensional arrays, and string variables which are limited only by the available memory space. Extra features like these provide you with greater programming flexibility.

To further enhance the 9831A's capability and at the same time simplify programming even more, you are provided with 24 user-definable Special Function keys (12, plus shift) which can be used to represent text, functions, or entire programs. Three line editing keys and 4 character editing keys allow you to insert, change, and delete characters and lines as well as provide other programming debugging aids.

Another special feature of the 9831A is the error message. If you make a mistake, such as mistyping a statement while programming, the word ERROR, a specified error number, and the line number in which the error occurred will appear on the light-emitting diode (LED) display. Each error message is also accompanied by a "beep".

HP bundled the 9831 with two 8-inch disc drives (THREE included), an impact printer (NOT included) and a custom metal desk (included, disassembled for storage) into a product called the 9896.
From the January 31, 1977 issue of Computerworld:

Management System Built for Businesses On HP CPU Addition
PALO ALTO, Calif. - The HP 9896A business information management system from Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) was designed for use by small- to medium-sized manfacturers, distributors and service organizations.

A standard system would have included the 9831A desktop system, also announced; a built-in cartridge drive; two flexible disk drives (3 with this system); a character impact printer (NOT included); and a desk workstation.

The system is available with the standard 8K bytes of memory or can be expandede up to 32K bytes.

The CPU itself can work with plotters and CRTs and features a built-ino bidirectional tape drive with a 90 in./sec search-and-rewind speed. (NOT included).

The 9831A CPU costs $7,200; the total business information management configuration costs $18,700 <<--

3- 8" floppy drives

Disassembled in storage, for pick up in the Pearl District NW Downtown Portland

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