Hyperkin Retron Mini NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) in Black (NEW - $20 (NE Portland)

Halsey st near 122nd

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condition: new
make / manufacturer: Hyperkin
model name / number: Retron

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It’s $20 for the system (and includes the audio/video cables to hook it up to a TV, power charger, manual, and box) but does not include the controllers or a Y splitter cable. If you want the controllers included they’re $30 with purchase of the system (so $50 total for the system and controllers) and if you want a Y splitter cable included it’s $5 with purchase of the system (so $25 total if you buy just the system and $55 total if you buy the system and the controllers). I normally sell the controllers separate for $40 and Y splitter cables separate for $8 but if you buy the system too I can give you a better deal. It’s not made by Nintendo but will play original Nintendo cartridges as well as the multicarts that I sell separately (multicarts are cartridges that have a bunch of games on them, one even has 500 games on it). It does not come with any games on it and there is no way to load games on it, it just plays cartridges. It’s a top-loader so you stick the cartridges in the top with the cartridge label facing forward. The ports are fully compatible with all regular Nintendo controllers and zapper guns. So it will work with the controllers that came bundled with Nintendos back in the 1980s, NES Advantage controllers, NES MAX controllers, High Frequency NES controllers, etc. The art on the box makes it look like the controllers are wireless but they’re not wireless. It’s recently manufactured. It connects to a TV with the included audio/video cables (1 plug for video 1 for audio) not HDMI but even newer TVs will have the audio/video inputs. It’s more compact than the original system, it’s a lot less expensive than buying a new original system that is still in new condition after all these years, and cartridges all work the first time you put them in (so no more blowing on them and then retrying).

About the controllers: They have turbo buttons for both the “B” and “A” buttons. They have the feel of the original NES controllers just with the very nice to have turbo buttons and also have a slow motion button which sometimes helps during difficult parts of games.
The cords are a nice length, they’re about 56” (inches) long. They're brand new so will work great. Just to let you know they do not come in a package but are new and have been tested and they’re both black (like in the picture).
These are not made by Nintendo but will work in any system that has standard size ports for regular Nintendo controllers.
The NES Advantage controller has turbo buttons and a slow motion button too, but it’s big, heavy, and 1 hand you have to have hovering above the joystick style controller and the other you have to press buttons with your index finger, so it’s much more awkward to use than this style controller, so we don’t sell it.
For those of you that don't know, “turbo” is where when you hold the button down it acts as if the button were being pressed as fast as it can be pressed, and “turbo” is also known as “rapid-fire.”

About the Y splitter cable (6 Inch 1 RCA Male to 2 RCA Female Y Splitter Cable):
For some inexpensive gaming systems (like the Retron 1 and AtGames Sega Genesis) they only have 1 output for the RCA audio output which then produces mono sound (sound just out of 1 speaker and then you can pick if you just want the sound from the left speak or the right depending on if you hook it up white-to-white or white-to-red) and I find it annoying and hate it but if you buy a 1 RCA male to 2 RCA female Y splitter cable you can have simulated stereo where you hear sound out of both speakers but it is not true stereo because with true stereo you not only have sound out of both speakers but it’s dynamic where you sometimes hear different sounds out of one side and not the other and with this the sound is always the same out of both sides but it still sounds a million times better than mono sound.
Since their length is only 6 inches it can’t reach my TV from where my AtGames Sega Genesis is without adding another RCA cable but for inexpensive ones the only other length is 12 inches which also would not reach and there might not be more expensive ones that are longer in existence. So then how it is hooked up is the Y splitter plugs in black-to-white in the system, then white-to-white and red-to-red in a second RCA cable, then finally that second cable also white-to-white and red-to-red into the back of the TV. Then while you could have the white part of the RCA cable the AtGames Sega Genesis came with goes unused at both ends but the yellow part of that cable is still used that cable is as-low-as-it-gets quality and the RCA cable I use is of decent quality (as it came with a Sony VCR that I bought new a long time ago) and it has a yellow part so I use that yellow part hooked up yellow-to-yellow from the AtGames Sega Genesis to the back of the TV and to make the yellow part reach the AtGames Sega Genesis the 6 inch cable of the Y splitter is just tightly and neatly coiled right there behind the AtGames Sega Genesis.

You can call, text, or email me anytime 24/7 (I set my cell phone to silent when sleeping or busy). I don't have a car so you will have to come to me to pick items up, but don't worry my apartment complex is easy to find.

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