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Broadway St

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compensació: $13/hr + tips
tipus d'ocupació: temps parcial

Big O's Wood Fired Pizza in Beaverton, a new team member is what we seek; this position requires communication, independence, driven peeps, ones not lazy, boring or meek.

We require someone who can help during the day; during our lunch. If your available from 10am until 3 or 4pm, please apply, we'd appreciate it a bunch...

Please be 18 years or older & be available for 3 lunch shifts a week & possibly one on the weekend. You'll be part of an eclectic team who are hardworking, cooperative, funny & fecund (Google it...).

You'll have differing responsibilities that include customer service, cleaning, joking with teammates & cooking pizza by fire; as long as you are respectful, timely, hard-working & easy going, these skills we'll help you hone or acquire.

We shred our own cheese, make our dough & cook in a wood fired oven, we're the definition of "old school"; you should apply to this position if you are drawn to this or think it's cool...

You must have a clean driving record, a willingness to learn, a strong work ethic & have NOT been convicted of any crimes; no DUI's, no shoplifting, no drug convictions, no stealing of livestock or punching of mimes!
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