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iRobot Roomba 4110 Vacuum with New Battery! This Vacuum works very well without problems. Has some surface scratches where the top hit a staple sticking out under the couch. Easy to use. Just press a button and it automatically cleans and lets you know when to empty the dust bin which is quick and easy. It will let you know when it is done vacuuming too and when the battery needs charging. It should go for about two hours before needing charging. Comes with a copy of the manual. These are selling for at least $160 on the internet! You can get extra filters at your local department store. Optional virtual walls are available on the internet to keep the vac from entering rooms you do not need cleaned. You can also block it from those rooms by putting a folded rug or something like that in place. Cash only please.

Robotic floor vac with dirt detection and convenient infra-red cliff sensors
Auto adjusts to any floor surface; 2-hour continuous cleaning; easy-to-empty debris bin
Edge-cleaning side brush; stasis sensor
Senses, finds and eliminates dirt. Automatically adjusts to any floor surface: wood, tile, linoleum, carpet. Goes where other vacuums can't #1 CPR rating in the world. Lets you push a button, not a vacuum.
Active Dirt Response Roomba senses and finds dirt. Once dirtier areas are detected, Roomba automatically increases the intensity and focus of its cleaning. Cleaning Intelligence Just push a button an Roomba automatically calculates how long it needs to work to clean your entire room. Roomba's bagless bin now holds three times more debris. Advanced Power System: Roomba has a microprossesor-controlled charging system that provides up to 120 min of cleaning power. It recharges its battery in 3 hour, 60% faster then the original Roomba. With the Adv. Power System, Roomba can clean up to 4 rooms before recharging. Proprietary Cleaning System: Roomba's high-efficiency vacuum has a wide cleaning path, 2-times more powerful suction and counter-rotating agitators to reach into your carpet and remove the dirt. The entire cleaning head automatically adjusts for both carpet and hard floor surfaces. Edge Cleaning: Roomba's spinning side brush and wall Following technology team up to grab dirt and debris from wall edges and other hard-to-reach places.
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